Branding Guidelines

On this page, you’ll find an overview of our branding guidelines as well assets such as logos and colours. This covers all aspects of Reflect Church including photography, social media and print design.

An introduction to branding

A brand is not about looking cool. Nor is it about presenting ourselves to be something we are not. A brand is about the feeling people have about us when we come to mind. Naturally we want this to be positive, consistent and genuine. But we also want it to be specific.

Bland and generic gets lost in a sea of mediocrity. We are a unique church with a unique calling and unique people. So why wouldn’t we present ourselves in a unique way?

The photos we take. The spaces we inhabit. The messages we send. The projects we undertake. These are all part of the myriad of touch points that make up our brand.

Understanding our brand

The look

Visually we embody contrast and texture. We always bring an alternative expression whether salt in the city, light in the darkness or truth amidst lies. There is a certain grit and raw energy that we bring that is balanced with gentleness and kindness.

The feel

We refresh whilst others drain. We set free rather than burden. There is a beauty in the ordinary and the simplicity. There is a lightness that transforms heaviness. We elevate people’s imagination through beautiful expression and creative work.

The colours







The icon

The infinity icon is the perfect expression of Reflect Church. It signifies the eternal nature of God, the timeless relevance of his church with a beautifully symmetrical and simple design.

In the right hands, this icon can also be creatively interpreted through different mediums (such as paint strokes, light projections etc) to create necessary contrast.

The fonts

Our primary font is Proxima Nova with a tracking of -20. But Garamond Italic can also be used to add further contrast.

The photography

Photos and videos are to achieve a certain vintage faded aesthetic. This is accomplished with light desaturation (90%), rolling off the lowest blacks and highest whites through curves, a warm shift towards yellow in temperature and added noise/sharpness.

Young girl stands full of joy inside a baptism pool