Discipleship at Reflect Church

Influencers is the discipleship framework of Reflect Church designed to help every person connect into community, transform into the image of Christ and influence their world.

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Joining Influencers requires recommendation from two existing members.

Why Influencers?

A vision to pursue

Creating a clear biblical target to aim for in life makes it easier to truly follow Jesus. And with so many voices and perspectives available today, if we’re not deliberate about the direction of our lives, it’s easy to get lost on the way.

A commitment to uphold

Whether you stay in the area long-term or we have the opportunity to send and bless you into your next season, we’ve deliberately crafted this framework to work wherever you end up. Following Jesus isn’t just for a few months, it’s a lifelong commitment.

A journey to navigate

Following Jesus is a journey and we know that we often do it imperfectly. Becoming an Influencer is not about perfectionism and legalism but by the grace of God continuing on a journey of being perfected.

What are the benefits of becoming an Influencer?

God honours bold decisions. And maybe also good decisions in general. Making the decision to actively engage in following Jesus in the context of community is spiritually powerful and will open up your future. You can also expect the following.

Behind The Scenes

You will get exclusive access to our monthly Influencers BTS meetings with special guest speakers, leadership input, prayer and prophecy.

Community Strength

Iron sharpens iron and you’ll be connected to a strong and kind community of people who are serious about following Jesus with access to our Influencers WhatsApp Group Chat.

Pastoral Focus

Becoming an Influencer is a sign that you desire discipleship and will open up personal input from Ps Sats & the team.

A Seat at the Table

You will have the opportunity to engage deeper in the heart of all we do at Reflect Church with opportunities available for training and practical involvement.

Who can become an Influencer?

The Influencers Discipleship Framework is available to every person who calls Reflect Church their home and considers themselves a follower of Jesus.

Practically we will ask you in good conscience to do the following:

  1. Commit to and value the Nine Elements of Influence
  2. Agree with our Statements of Belief

We require new members to be recommended by two existing members. Inactive members may also have their membership revoked.

Connect Into CommunityTransform Into the Image of ChristInfluence Your World

The Nine Elements of Influence

Become an Influencer

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