If you’re wondering how many pages are in the Bible then you’ve come to the right place. But unfortunately it’s one of those annoying answers – it depends.

The amount of pages completely depends on many factors including font choice and sizes, page size, style and of course translation. If you’re looking for a rough answer then we can say that typically a Bible will have at least 1200+ pages in it.

Did you know…

The Bible is primarily written in Hebrew and Greek and there are many translations of it into English (and of course other languages). It’s actually the best-selling book every year but it’s such a given that it doesn’t get counted to the official lists.

It’s also made up of 66 books (which make up two parts – the Old & New Testament).

If you’re wondering where to read the Bible then there are many free versions available to read online such as BibleGateway or the YouVersion Bible App.

You can also buy a physical Bible from Amazon (or a plethora of other sites via Google).