What happens in a church service

What Happens At A Church Service?

Wondering what church looks like at C3 Reflect?

Church services are a time of celebration, fun and time with community. It’s also an opportunity to meet with God, worship together and experience his presence and power.

How long does a church service go for?

Our services are usually a little over 60 minutes. But we find people stick around after for tea, coffee and catch up. We love hosting new people and our services are open to anyone to come and check out.

What does worship look and sound like?

We start with a time of worship which usually consists of 3-4 songs for approx 20 minutes. These are most often contemporary songs written recently by churches and artists that glorify God. Whilst we’re always a big fan of hymns and traditional classics, we also recognise that new season require new songs and God is doing something fresh in every generation.

Depending on the team for the day, we’ll be using instruments much like any live music you might experience today such as acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, synths and so on.

You might see people closing their eyes, lifting their hands and engaging in a way that is personal to them in worship. If worship is something that is new to you then you’re absolutely welcome just to stand, watch and enjoy the music.

Am I allowed to come?

Everyone is welcome to attend C3 Reflect whether they’ve been there for years or are exploring faith for the first time or looking for a church.

We take a few minutes to welcome everyone to the service after worship and let me know what’s happening in the life of the church. We may also take a few moments as we close worship to pray together and allow the Holy Spirit to encourage us.

(Wondering what to wear to church? Read the article here).

Last but not least we will have an encouraging message

Whilst the tone of our preaching is always encouraging and often fun, we are not just about inspiring or self-help but teaching the word of God (the Bible) and helping people very practically to live as followers of Jesus.

We often tackle wider themes over several weeks so that we can take our time as a community to learn together. We welcome healthy interaction and encouragement as we hear the message, take notes and apply the thoughts to our lives.

Preaching is never normally a silent or boring part of the service but a time where God can really speak to us through the speaker. Our preaching is approx 30 minutes long.

What happens next?

At the end of the preach, we will take a few moments to respond to the message together. This often involves some space for music and worship. After this, the services officially closes but most will stick around to hang out, catch up with friends over a delicious cup of coffee.

Come and join us at a Sunday service soon. We’d love to see you there!

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What Should I Wear To Church

What Should I Wear To Church?

Worried about your first time attending C3 Reflect?

The key to dressing well is all about understanding the setting. Naturally at special events such as a wedding we are bringing our best smarts. And when we’re hanging at our mates place for a game of FIFA, there’s no need to go all out.

Christianity is hugely diverse and whilst there are many different expressions across denominations and movements, what we wear to gather as church community is not something mandated by scripture but really up to the personal choice and culture of the congregation.

So what can you expect at C3 Reflect?

Our services are relaxed and informal in nature because we want every visitor and member to know that they can come to God exactly as they are.

You’ll probably find our team (including our pastors) wearing jeans, trainers or even jump suits. The most important thing for us is that you feel comfortable and you feel like you can be yourself.

Why do some traditions wear more formal clothing?

Other traditions or cultures may have a special emphasis on attire or formality as a means of expressing honour to God and this is absolutely great reason to do so. God is most interested in our heart as we come to worship him, not how we look externally.

We’d love to invite you to hang out at a Sunday service soon.

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